Chiang Mai – 7 times different


After exploring the neighbouring landscapes it was time for me to spend some time in the old city within the wall and explore the city properly.

I chose a very good hostel in the North-East corner within the square, called Jaidii Guesthouse (Moon Muang Rd Lane 6). It is one of the few with its own garden, hammocks and a fresh juice and breakfast bar. This guesthouse is located in a street full of restaurants, other guesthouses and even a daily market. At the end of the street, around the corner you can find a lot of streetfood vendors and the bar area for nightlife is not very far away. Don’t be scared off, it is quiet! My dorm was located streetside and I had a good night sleep.

PS: they have the best fresh fruit salad, homemade yoghurt with muesli breakfast. Just saying.

What can you do while in Chiang Mai?

1. Do a streetart tour 
Mainly in the North-East corner I found a lot of wall art. I even came across an artist working on a new one.

2. Wat hopping
The word ‘wat’ stands for temple. The name of every temple starts with ‘Wat..’

To name a few:
– Wat Doi Suteph – outside the city. It is a famous one, but I haven’t been there

– Wat chedi luang – the oldest temple inside the square. You can see it has been through a lot. The top is missing and it looks a little bit like a ruin.

– Wat buppharam – just outside the city gate east – different architecture, Burmese influence

3. Streetfood – foodmarkets – local products – nightmarket

4. Shopping: art, souvenirs, clothes
I bought myself a few outfits – harempants, loose pants and sarong with elephants – to prepare myself before going to Pai. How would I otherwise fit in in hippietown?

5. Book exchange: used books – sell your books & buy a new one for along the journey

I bought ‘The Rosie Project’ and finished it so fast! I can really recommend this one! The ‘On The Road Books‘ bookshop can be found at 38/1 Th Ratwithi and if you return the bought book after reading, they buy it back from you at half price.

This sounds like a good deal because meanwhile I have sold this book in Bangkok to a used bookshop and only got 30% of its original purchase price.

6. Become an artist: follow a drawing or painting class with Noina (315 Moon Muang Road, Lane 9, T. Sripoom A. Muang)

I took an acrylic painting class and I paibted my favorite flowers – orchids.

If you go, explain clearly what you expect. I expected to learn some new techniques on how to paint flower petals and leaves. But I just made a sketch bases on a picture I had found on the internet and started ‘coloring’ or filling it up with color. I wad happy with the result, but I don’t have the feeling I have learned something new.

7. Drink a fruitshake, enjiy the delicious Thai food, take a massage and relax in one of the many cosy places in the north east corner.

Places I can recommend for having a bite:

– Da’s Home Bakery: a place where you can find a normal (according to Eurooean norms) sandwich or bun

– Nice Kitchen: everything on the menu looks so delicious. I was always looking what other people had ordered and I wanted to taste it all!

– Mild Kitchen: very cheap and delicious!

Next: pondering in Pai


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