5 things to do in Bosang, just outside Chiang Mai


Hooray! I’ve made it to the North of Thailand. I was looking forward to this region because I had the feeling this is what Thailand is really about. I was right.

As I landed, I managed to get in touch with Angkana via Couchsurfing. It was a long time since I’ve used this tool ánd I hadn’t really met a local yet. I mean really getting to know. Spending time, talking, eating, drinking together. That sort of stuff.

Angkana picked me up on her motorbike. Imagine this: me in the back with my big backpack on my back and my yogamat sticking out of it. My small backpack we managed to stack it away. I can say that Angkana is a very good driver. And that she likes speed. I held on to that motorbike as if it was I was holding on to life! Due to the high speed we we racing at to get to her coffeeshop – that she had left unattended to puck me up – the wind was almost blowing me off the bike. My arm muscles got trained that day.

When she slowed down and turned the engine off, I felt a big relief. I made it. Alive. I entered her garden and by the sight of her cute little cosy coffeebar, I forgot all about the past 15mins. And after tasting her coffee, I just felt I was in the right place!

If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, do pay her a visit. I promise you won’t regret! And not only for ‘Coffee Time’ but there is lots to do in this neighbourgood called ‘Bosang’.

1. Visit the Umbrella Making Center

They have a small exposition about the history of the company, so you can see how it all began. You can see people makibg umbrellas and you can get a guide to understand what and how they do it. These people are real artists! They can make the most beautiful designs: from landscapes to flowers to animals, anything you like! Why not buying yourself an umbrella on demand with your name, logo or favorite quote on it.

You can even let them decorate your clothes or any item you wish pimping. The paint is supposed to be permanent, so no worries your memories will be washed off.

2. Go shopping

If you made it to Chiang Mai and are planning to spend some time in the North and maybe also going to Pai and Chiang Rai, then you need a pair of elephantpants. I mean harempants or any baggy pants with eleohants, mandalas ir psychedelic colors on them will do.

Clothes in Bosang are cheaper than in the city center of Chiang Mai.

3. Get a Thai massage

I’m repeating myself, but massages are also cheaper in Bosang. For 120 THB you get a 1 hour treatment. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far. This is a little more than 3€, can you imagine?!

4. Go to the Saturday Nightmarket

Try new things! I tasted a new tyoe of apple ‘rose apple’, it tastes different than we’re used to, more watery, but very delicious!

I had a vegetarian snack: steamed green onion compressed with some other ingredients. In the beginning I liked it, but as I made my way through it, my stomach started to show some resistance.

They sell very colorfull jellylike snacks. It’s made out of peanuts mixed with coconutmilk and then compressed into an oval form. They encapsulate it with colored gelatine, so it looks like you’re eating candy.

Just stroll around the market, see, smell, taste, talk to people or have a drink.

5. Eat street food at the regular night market

Whatever you like, it does not cost more than 50 or 60 THB, equivalent to maximum 1,5€.

Since Angkana likes to ride a motorbike, she offered to go on a daytrip to visit a temple at about 3h drive (one way) away. I first thought she was going to take me on her bike, but no! She surprised me and fixed a motorbike for me to ride solo! Wauw! Would I really be able to keep up with her? I only rode a motorbike two times…and I can tell you it was a new and fast bike! At a certain point we reached 80 kms/hour!

We had company! A thurd girl woukd join us, someone Angkana had met the night before in a bar, also a couchsurfer! Le La from Germany was Angkana’s passenger.

After 3 hours of up and down the hill and sharp curves, we saw the temple towers shining in the sun, almost blinding us. They were beautiful!

We sat, we talked about everything, even politics! I would never have guessed that politics is a topic I would voluntarily bring up. But it isn’t the first time…

On the way back we stopped at the xxx hotsprings. It was already dark, but that’s very common around 7pm around here.

Angkana thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure meeting you!
I’m more of a bikerchick myself now 😉

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